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Wild & Furrow is a family business run by three siblings - Hannah, Angus and Miles. Our family has been farming in Leicestershire for over 80 years.


 We have designed a bespoke process that allows us to make a premium barista quality oat drink.


 British farmers are recognised as some of the best in the world, we want to celebrate this.  We use carefully sourced oats from British farmers.

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Meet the Founders


"Having worked in the coffee industry for a number of years, I noticed a rising trend of dairy free milks and the potential benefits, not just health but also environmental. It quickly became apparent that of all the alternatives, oat drinks were the rising star.


As a family we were already growing oats on the farm and have recently spent a lot of time and effort growing and selecting different varieties of oats. We wanted to be sure that our fresh barista oat drink is not only top quality but the best tasting one out there!"


"We are so excited about this new chapter for our farm. I love working in a family business with my brothers as this is something that we can shape together. We are not anti-dairy but instead just offering a British alternative to the other oat drinks on the market. 


I run the sales side of the business which has got off to a great start - I find that once we get people to taste ours, they get hooked!"  


We have big plans for the next steps in our adventure but we are making sure to give our current customers a great service."


"From a young age I have always been interested in both innovative and sustainable farm business ideas. When Miles came to me with this concept, we quickly realised that this was a real opportunity with so few truly British oat drink producers out there.


We hope that this is going to be a real game-changer. Not just for our traditional family farm, but for British farming as a whole and we are very excited about the future prospects for oat drinks"



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