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- Made right here on our family farm -

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We are proud to sell in glass bottles for a few reasons:


  • Eco Friendly - Our bottles can be re-used again and again.

  • Tastes better - Glass bottles don't affect the taste like some plastic containers do.

  • Farm Fresh - The oat drink is gently pasteurised at a lower temperature than most. This is so the drink retains more of its natural goodness. It can be on your table less than 24 hours after production!

Fresh is Best

"At just under two weeks in the fridge, our shelf life is a bit shorter than some other oat drinks around. 

But once you've tasted how creamy ours is, you'll want to drink it straight away!" - Miles


Rapeseed Oil

We use cold-pressed British rapeseed oil from an award winning farm. Cold-pressed means that they extract the oil without any heat or chemicals. The rapeseed oil is used as a natural emulsifier to prevent separation. We think that it also adds depth to the taste.

Sea Salt 

This adds so much flavour to the profile. It balances

all the different flavours but reducing bitterness and

harnessing the sweet notes. Why else do you think

all the great chefs use this ingredient?!


As farmers, we take pride in testing and selecting the very best varieties of British oats to ensure a nice and creamy texture. We grow our own oats on the farm and soon we'll be able to include them in the recipe!

Acidity Regulator

This is used to give our barista oat drink its superior performance in coffee. We're working on a recipe without this one too. 


Straight up H2O. We regularly test our water to make sure it's top quality.

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